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Employer Branding 2 Go

You do want to start employer branding right away?

Our EB2GO packages combine hands-on and quick results from the beginning.

Start Workshop


You want to start with employer branding on a professional basis and are not sure where to begin.


  • approximately 3 hours

  • recommended participants General Manager, HR, Marketing

  • Warm Up and Definition Employer Branding

  • internal & external needs assessment

  • sound recommendations about the next steps

Creativity Workshop

You already know what employer branding can do for your company and did some activities, but want to raise more ideas for further actions.


  • approximately 3 hours

  • recommended participants General Manager, HR, Marketing

  • short evaluation of the so far done activities

  • coached brainstorming based on a scientific model

  • create an idea pool for further actions

360° Analysis in 1 Day

Get a 360 degree analysis of your employer brand within 1 day.

  • 1 day seminar

  •  based on scientific measures

  • coached by a certified brand manager

  • ideal number of participants = 8

  •  360° analysis of your employer brand

  • Ideas for further activities

360° Analysis BIG

Get a 360 degree analysis including a SWOT evaluation of your employer brand.


  • recommended participants HR, Marketing and some team leaders

  • workshop based on a scientific model

  • 360° analysis of your employer brand 

  • strength and weakness evaluation

  • presentation and feedback meeting

Employer Branding Coach


You are looking for a regular sparring partner for the implementation of your employer branding measures. We challenge and encourage you so that nothing is overlooked, but ensures optimization and you stay on track.

A periodic coaching appointment secures your sustainable employer brand and keeps it up to date.


Candidate Experience

The much-vaunted Candidate Experience is not a myth, but the very important experience of your applicants throughout the entire application process. The Recruiting Check quickly identifies if this process meets the needs of your target groups and each single touchpoint is set up in the appropriate manner.

Employee Survey


Involve your employees in employer branding and ask for their satisfaction, perception, job application, etc. short online or paper surveys.

  • design interview guideline

  • conducting and monitoring of the survey

  • evaluation of the results

  • presentation and feedback meeting

Onboarding Workshop

The first days in a new company can decide on longtime loyalty and motivation.

  • face-2-face interviews with "fresh" employees 

  •  evaluation of the results

  • workshop with team leaders

  • design of landscape for our entire onboarding process based on your target group

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"During our collaboration, we got to know B&T as a very competent and service-oriented agency. B&T's strategic approach, dedicated team and well-structured workshop including in-depth evaluation raised our eye for the right attitude towards employer branding and made us more aware of how to deal with it our future employees. We have received valuable input for this important topic of the future and we look forward to the continued that good cooperation. "

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